Cutting through COVID-19 confusion

Christians in scientific research offer insight into the public confusion surrounding the ‘novel virus.’

When it comes to COVID-19, it’s easy to feel uncertain, confused, even angry.

Information from the news, social media and family and friends doesn’t always match up. 

Talibah Metcalf, a member of the Springhill Road Church of Christ in Florida, researches infectious diseases, including COVID-19, for Drexel University.

“I can understand how someone who isn’t in a science background can be overwhelmed,” said Talibah Metcalf, a member of the Springhill Road Church of Christ in Tallahassee, Fla. 

Metcalf is a scientist who works in the Division of HIV Medicine and Infectious Diseases at Drexel University in Philadelphia. She and her colleagues are studying how and why COVID-19 affects patients so differently.

It can be confusing when information seems to change quickly and frequently, she said. However, change is part of research and guaranteed to happen when investigating a “novel virus.” 

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