During this COVID-19 pandemic lockdown my wife and I were able to plant flowering plants (roses, orchids, etc.) and fruit trees (plums, lemons, cherries, etc) in our backyard garden. Before planting, we have to prepare the soil, dig some holes and bought some potting mix soil with fertilizers. These are all part of the preparation. After planting, we need to water the fruit trees and flowering plants regularly. We need to do some pruning (like pruning of our roses) and removing weeds which will hinder the growth of our plants in the garden. 

In gospel sharing, we need also to prepare the “soil of the soul”, which is the heart. These include developing friendship and trust; asking pertinent and friendly questions to generate interest and curiosity (e.g. “What if Christ were to come right now or if you’ll die tomorrow? Would you know for sure, without any doubt, that you would go to heaven?”);  telling the FISH STORY using the Fish Bracelet to generate gospel conversation ( Henry, one of our Chinese neighbors visited us and saw my wife wearing the FISH BRACELET and asked about it.

My wife shared the Fish Story which started the series of gospel presentations in our home on Thursday evening. Henry subsequently obeyed the gospel in baptism; Rachel Parks attended our worship services at Golden Gate. She saw me wearing the FISH BRACELET and asked about it. I shared the FISH STORY and then invited her to have WE CARE Gospel presentation during the next Wednesday Prayer & Fellowship.

After the Gospel Presentation with my wife, Rachel decided to obey the gospel in baptism. Bro. Marcus Dancer officiated her baptism that evening.);  giving books as gifts like the “HISTORICITY OF JESUS” subtitled “Facts and Evidences for Agnostics, Atheists, Believers and Christians”  and the new book of Bro. John Jeffrey “Jesus Christ” subtitled “The Final Days on Earth Before His Return to Heaven” as a door opener for gospel presentation; praying that the Holy Spirit will touch and move our prospects to become receptive to the gospel.

At WE CARE Ministries, we do visitations and After CARE to help and motivate the new “babes in Christ” grow and mature in the faith.